We go home to California

Well, we flew home from England to California on Tuesday.  flight wing 5x7 smallWe were up for 24 hours and were very happy to see our home and our bed, which was the only piece of furniture in the house.8 25 2016 bed

The plan was to go to Europe for a year while the house sold.  We refurbished it and turned it over to our realtor and we thought that was the end of our home owning responsibilities.  It was emotionally bruising to empty the house of all of our furniture, clothes and things before we left,  but I got through it.

Now that it did not sell, we are back in our empty house.8 25 2016 family room 2  8 25 2016 kitchen8 25 2016 front yard8 25 2016 pool


The plan is to stay here until next spring and fix a few things, then relist the house.  I have to admit it is a very strange feeling to go to Walmart to purchase cleaning supplies, food and paper items.  We currently have 2 camp chairs and 2 plates, 2 bowls, and 2 sets of silverware.  Of course, we have been living out of a suitcase for 6 months so we do not need much. It’s kind of like being newlyweds in a first house, only it’s enormous and thankfully we’re not so poor.

The good news is that tomorrow we will be getting some of our furniture from my office to set up the family room .  My dear sister Sandi kept my dining room table and chairs so we will have that to eat our meals. And our sweet dog , Mac is back at home with us. macchewing015 It is a continuing adventure.   We will keep writing the blog as this is part of trying to do a  Senior gap year.  Not everything goes as planned.  But it is kind of like starting over  in our new home .


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