I have time to correct and show some of my photos from the trip; so today the Vatican Museum

We were overwhelmed by the amount and quality of art and sculpture we saw in the Vatican Museum.  I wanted to share some of my favorite photographs from that experience.  This is a Roman sarcophagus that shows the amazing skills of those who made this stone coffin; vatican coffin wm  A marble dog holding the side of a doorway on its back. vm dog face 5x7 small  A set of small marble angels playing on a plaque; vatican angels wm  Many of the ceilings were beautiful frescoes of religious or Roman gods and goddesses , here is Neptune the god of the oceans; vatican roman mosaic Neptune corr wm  And here is a ceiling that illustrates bible scenes; vatican ceiling wm  And my favorite pieces are these angel musicians that were saved from a fresco from the church of SS Apostali in Rome.vatican angel 3 angels 5x7 wmvatican angel drum 5x7 wmvatican angel lute 2 5x5 wmvatican angel lute wmvatican angel shell 5x7 wm  I am reminded of how important museums are that save art from being destroyed and keep it for future generations to enjoy.  I will do another blog entry with more of my photos from our trip to share with youl

Cleaning out the file cabinets letting go of the past

I am not sure anyone will really want to read this blog now that we are preparing our home to be sold.  This will be going on for a couple of months so if it does not interest you, take a break until about Feb. 2016.  If you are doing or considering to do this part of the senior gap year;  selling your home,  it might be interesting.

I have been cleaning out file cabinets.  Yes, after 25 year we had a 4 tall file cabinets filled with paper notes, family history and memorabilia.  Here is one of the trash cans I started to fill today.file trash can  And here is a photo of the empty file cabinet empty files  It is hard to believe that there is so much to go through.  Some items to keep and some to sell and some to give away.  It is sad but freeing at the same time.  Everything can be found on the internet now so there does not seem to be much use for paper notes.  The birthday cards and photographs are another problem.  I have decided to scan the most important ones and send them up to the cloud for safe keeping.  I keep thinking about Mexico and the wonderful beach we might soon be visiting again. 16 blue gold net

Hope you all who are reading this are doing well and are happy.

we met with a real estate agent today the ball begins to roll

We are starting the ball rolling. He advised working through one room at a time to start the purge. It still feels overwhelming but I am calling a couple of friends who has just sold their homes in our area recently. I am starting to sell some of my more expensive jewelry online.  It is surprising how that does not bother me very much.  I never wear anything fancy anymore.  earrings 2It was more fun in Italy.