Popotla a Mexican fishing village

We went to Popotla a Mexican fishing village last night at sunset. There was a large sea lion on the beach looking for some final fish handouts from the fishermen before the sun went down.  They are such noble animals. sea lion look back 5x7 bw netThe fishermen were pulling the last of the fishing boats up to the shore. They go out early in the morning to fish and bring back fresh fish to sell on the shore.fishing boat men bw net  As the sun set we went to one of the beach restaurants to have a wonderful lobster dinner above the beach.  ###Travel tip:  the cost of the fresh fish is much lower here.  You can even have fresh caught crabs cooked quickly in hot oil for a small fee.  Take them home for a heavenly meal of garlic butter and crusty bread.popotla sunset5x7 netOur life and our  meals are closer to nature here in Mexico.

The beach is missing about 4 feet of sand

We stayed here at this development last year at this time and the beach was glorious.  We could walk from our condo development 1 kilometer ( 6/10ths of a mile) on sand.Rosarito Beach Mexico sunset empty beachThe photo above is of the beach last year.  Since the storms of El Nino have been so violent; 4 feet of sand is missing this year.  Rocks that we did not know were under the sand have cut the walking beach in half.  We have been told that the sand will return in April.ocean sunset 5x7 net These rocks were all covered with sand last year.  It is hard for old guys like us with bad knees and ankles to walk on these rocks.  Unlike this young man that we saw walking quite easily along the surf.  We tend to hobble carefully .rock surf walking 5x7 Here is a photograph of David holding my walking stick.pilgram David You get the idea.  But we persist and walk the section of the sandy beach almost everyday.

Thought I would put up a photo of our condo development.  We are in the first building on the 13th floor.  It is a little too high for both of us but I try not to look straight down. lolla jolla del marWe love everyday here.  David’s blood pressure has dropped because he is so happy and relaxed here.  We feel very blessed to have this peaceful time.

I love living in Rosarito Beach

What is not to love?  We just finished eating take out  garlic shrimp with re fried beans and homemade tortillas on our balcony over the ocean.  We ate while watching the sun set creating  a brilliant sky show._DSC0039.JPG  My garlic shrimp dinner cost $6.60 and I still have enough shrimp and tortillas for another meal tomorrow.  We have been eating a lot of fish here ,  yum.

We also went to the Red Cross thrift store Cruz Roja today  ( the money goes to help support the local ambulances  and to purchase needed equipment for the local hospitals)  .  This is an expat group that volunteers and does fund raising for this good cause. We bought some books to read.  One of the ladies that we met here at our condo development  was volunteering today.

Buenos dias!

beachcombing after the storm

We drove down the Baja coast yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine and the beach.  We walked on the La Mision beach. It is a long sand beach about half way between Rosarito and Ensendada .  The storms from last week had left some of the beach tables falling over from loss of sand.La Mison beach after the stormBut nothing bothered the sea gulls which were out in force looking for food on the beach.

flying gullsYou can see by this photograph of David standing near one of the tables that about 3 feet of sand is missing. la mision beach david It was good to get to walk this long beachLa Mision beach 2016 Today it was overcast all day so I actually spent some time in the gym  lol

We are back in Rosarito Beach

We managed to get the house packed and ready for the estate sale before we left for Mexico.  It was very sad and emotional to leave.  Our dear son is taking care of our dog, Mac.  I miss both of them already.

When we got to our condo that we are renting for 2 months, Dave immediately came down with the stomach flu and I caught it next.  So our first couple of days here was spent inside being sick.  We are much better now.

We went for a walk on the beach today and were shocked that all the sand was gone.There was 4 days of storms here on the coast of Mexico and California.  We talked to a man who was staying here.  He said that all the sand disappeared during those 4 days of storms.  Here is a photo of what we found.  The second photo is what it looked like last year.

But  the sunsets are still beautiful.16 1 8 sunset clouds small