A period of letting go of the past and getting ready for the future

This is a strange time of letting go.  It is like drifting away from our past life.  Going through our things that we have accumulated over 22 years in this house.  Realizing that our son will not want the cut glass crystal bowl from his grandmother, so what to do with it?  There are many decisions like that.  Thinking about missing my family and friends is painful. This process of letting go is sad and freeing at the same time.  I cannot remember feeling this way at any other time in my life.

At the same time things that were  always on my to do list; things I needed to do for work, items I needed for the  house, and things to put away for next year float to the top of my mind.  Then are dashed away with the knowledge that they are not needed anymore.  I have more time to prepare for the next chapter of my life.  The lists are different now;  seeing all the doctors before we leave  ( colonoscopy next week, lol), going through clothes looking for which to pack, exercising to get in shape to walk most of the day, and making plans for the next year ( where will we be).

It is a time for letting go and getting ready.family dinner 8 10 14