My husband, David and I are escaping into a Senior Gap Year.  What is that?  It is a year or two cushioned between working and retiring.  It is just like the Gap year that kids take between high school and college except that we are much smarter now !  We will be experiencing a year or two of vagabonding in Europe.  We are not rich, so this will be a budget adventure.  This blog will document our wanderings with photos ( I am the photographer) and commentary about our life on the road.  We are hoping to eventually write an ebook talking about the nuts and bolts of how to do this for future adventurers. linda david and dogs_small We have never done this before so…..it will be interesting.  Welcome aboard our Marrakesh Express.davelinda 10 14

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  1. Can’t wait to follow along your adventure Linda ! Your photography is always amazing ! Happy Retirement enjoy your “Vagabonding ”

    Hugs Lorie ( Old Misery )

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  2. I just found your blog and I am excited! I am hoping to follow you in detail as this is something I would like to do when I retire (I also am not rich and am raising my son on my own, but at 55, I still have quite a few “working” years left). I have already read about Lucca and some of your other Italian excursions. I can’t wait to learn more about your travels and LOVE the pictures! Enjoy every moment and I’ll keep checking my email for new faces & places!


    • Thanks for following us. I am afraid we are tackling the hardest part of the senior gap year : selling the house. I do not know how people manage to clean out their homes of 25 years but I guess I will find out. We hope to get back on the road in a couple of months.


    • Sorry for not replying earlier, somehow your comment slipped through the cracks. Thanks for following us. The adventure continues , now adding the new dimension of pet and house sitting into the mix.

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