Shell Art , made from the gifts of the sea

P1200256Here are some shell and rock art collage pieces I made today.  I love walking on the beach and finding interesting shells and rocks.  There are a lot of Pacific oyster shells and some volcanic rock here.  There is a sea shell midden (A midden is the archaeological term for trash or garbage heap) from the native people on one end of the beach and it is interesting to see all the broken sea shells that they dumped there over the years.  It is about 10 feet high.  But most of the shells and rocks I use are from the shore line.  shell collage art oystersThese are made with Aleene’s 7800 all purpose glue ( you can get it at Michaels) , glitter, pearls and crystals.   The wood I found at the beach.  I also added some sand from the beachshell swirl fantasy collage art 1shell art swirlsshell art collage blue.jpg

Happy Dance we are back in Mexico in time for another stunning sunset

We were so happy to get home in time to walk on the beach and take sunset photos.  I hope I am not overwhelming you with sunset photos but everyone is just a little different and so stunning.  It lifts my heart up to heaven to see them.2015 2 24 blue sunset 5x7 net2015 2 24 sunset clouds 5x7 net

Rosarito Beach Carnival and Sunday beach crowd

Today we went into central Rosarito to see the carnival parade.  We got there early, so we went to the beach where the RB Hotel is located.  It is an amazing site on Sunday afternoon.  The beach is one large party scene.  Papas and Beer’s restaurant opens up to the beach with seating inside or out on the beach with very loud classic rock and roll music ( Louie, Louie was playing as I danced across the sand).  Closer to the water families had set up “pop up” shade tents and were eating, singing and and playing in the sand and ocean.  There are horse rides on the beach and 4 wheel drive vehicles for rent. The atmosphere is one of happy people enjoying their Sunday off at the beach.  Here are some photos.pappas and beer on the beach rb sunday net

Then we went to the main and mostly only street to see the carnival parade.  It was sweet and old fashioned.  There were about 5 handmade floats being pulled by trucks with dancing children, local bands and of course a queen and King.  People were throwing confetti and the children on the floats were throwing candy to the children on the side of the street. Many people seemed there to see someone that they knew in the parade. carnival bandcarnival dancing girl carnival king and queen carnival queens

Wind storm yesterday; there was water mist blowing off the tops of the waves before they crashed

I had never seen that before.  The wind was about 50 miles an hour and it caught the tops of the big waves and threw up a lot of water mist before they came down.  I took a lot of photos and here are the best two.  The first one  the waves crashing on the rocks. The second is the mist flying off of the tops of the waves before they crashed into the sea. Enjoy!rockcrash 5x7 netwind wave no restriction net You can see the power of the storm in this photo.