Alicante, Spain Photographs

Have had some time between packing boxes to clean up some of my photographs from our cruise stop off at Alicante, Spain. This lovely Spanish port has an impressive castle at the top of the hill called Santa Barbara.  It has been protecting the port for hundreds of years.  Now it is a castle that allows visitors to see how a castle was changed over the years as the methods of attacks changed.  Hope you enjoy these photographs.

Alicante Santa Barbara rusted knight closer The rusty Knight now defends the walls over Alicante from the castle.  Below is the sundial that keep the castle personnel on time.  There is also a mosaic of a Spanish Jesus on the wall of the chapel.

Gibraltar cave stalactites from our cruise to Rome in April 2015

Found some time today to clean up some of the photos I took of the stalactites that were in the St. Michael’s caves.    Here is a quote from Wikipedia about them; “St. Michael’s Cave or Old St. Michael’s Cave is the name given to a network of limestone caves located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, at a height of over 300 metres (980 ft) above sea level“.

On our tour we went through these caves and saw these amazing rock formations under the ground.  Here they are for you to enjoy.gibralter Stalactites  green 5x7  wm gibralter Stalactites  green close up Stalactites  interrior  close up 1 Stalactites Gibralter rocks wmcave green lace 5x7 small cave blue lace 5x7 small