Have to create art;making beach pebble people

I do not have any of my art tools here in Mexico but I cannot seem to resist creating art from what ever is at hand.  So the beach here has lots of smooth rocks and pebbles.###Travel tip for artists:  I purchased some school paint, glue, and a couple of canvases at the dollar store here in Mexico called Waldos.   I am creating pebble people collages.  The trick is to make these collages with only things found on the beach.  So my pebble people and animals take shape from the shape of the beach finds.  So here my little art set up on the balcony; art paint shells  There are shells and rocks that I have cleaned with bleach and oiled with oil oil.  With my school paint, I am ready to go. CREATE!  Here is a canvas I made to remember my sweet dog Daisy who lived on earth for 17 years and is now a dog angel.daisy angelHere is a bride and groom set of pebble and shell people with some drift wood and wooden weeds.pebble people wedding And here is a couple in love.  It was really hard to find a beach pebble the size of a heart.couple pebble people  I will see what images comes from the beach next week.


More shell art to give away; it was raining all day yesterday

I need to make art all the time.  But sometimes I make too much.  Yesterday was cold and rainy and I made art all day watching the storm on the ocean. As you can see I brought down my glitter and Swarovski crystals.  So here is some art that I made yesterday to give away this week.  What fun!shell art oyster blueshell collage art oystersshell swirl fantasy collage art 1

Shell Art , made from the gifts of the sea

P1200256Here are some shell and rock art collage pieces I made today.  I love walking on the beach and finding interesting shells and rocks.  There are a lot of Pacific oyster shells and some volcanic rock here.  There is a sea shell midden (A midden is the archaeological term for trash or garbage heap) from the native people on one end of the beach and it is interesting to see all the broken sea shells that they dumped there over the years.  It is about 10 feet high.  But most of the shells and rocks I use are from the shore line.  shell collage art oystersThese are made with Aleene’s 7800 all purpose glue ( you can get it at Michaels) , glitter, pearls and crystals.   The wood I found at the beach.  I also added some sand from the beachshell swirl fantasy collage art 1shell art swirlsshell art collage blue.jpg

Making art from the gifts of the sea

I did not bring many art supplies down to RB with me so I have been challenged to make art with found objects on the beach.  I make these 2 art pieces from stones, shells and tumble weed that I found on our daily beach walks.  I did bring down some glue which helped.  Thought this might inspire you to look around you for art under your feet. lol

volcano shell #1 shell 1 corr