Have to create art;making beach pebble people

I do not have any of my art tools here in Mexico but I cannot seem to resist creating art from what ever is at hand.  So the beach here has lots of smooth rocks and pebbles.###Travel tip for artists:  I purchased some school paint, glue, and a couple of canvases at the dollar store here in Mexico called Waldos.   I am creating pebble people collages.  The trick is to make these collages with only things found on the beach.  So my pebble people and animals take shape from the shape of the beach finds.  So here my little art set up on the balcony; art paint shells  There are shells and rocks that I have cleaned with bleach and oiled with oil oil.  With my school paint, I am ready to go. CREATE!  Here is a canvas I made to remember my sweet dog Daisy who lived on earth for 17 years and is now a dog angel.daisy angelHere is a bride and groom set of pebble and shell people with some drift wood and wooden weeds.pebble people wedding And here is a couple in love.  It was really hard to find a beach pebble the size of a heart.couple pebble people  I will see what images comes from the beach next week.


The fog comes in on little cat paws

So this afternoon, I was sitting on the balcony in the warm sun reading my book. Within 5 minutes David came out and said look. There was a layer of fog blowing in from the ocean. It was like a silent blanket coming in from the sea. Within another 5 minutes the entire shore was covered in dense fog. I was reminded of a Carl Sandburg poem ; that the fog comes in on little cat paws. ( If I remember it correctly)

It is amazing to be able to witness the changes in the weather here on the shore of the fog on beach 5x7 netPacific Ocean.sea fog 2 netsea fog 3 net  No more sitting in the sun reading today!

Where do we shop in Rosarito Beach?

Some people have asked where  we shop here in Rosarito Beach.  We have a lot of American stores here.  We grocery shop at Walmart.walmart  We also shop at Home Depot,  Office Depot and eat at Carl’s Jr.home depotoffice depotcarls jr These stores are all in Rosarito Beach.  We also have a McDonalds, Subway, Radio Shack, Burger King, and Dairy Queen. There are several Waldos ( like a dollar store).   There is a Costco in Tijuana and another Costco across border in Chula Vista.

But luckily we tend to eat at the local places where you can eat fresh seafood , beans, tortillas and produce for about $2.25 for a huge seafood burrito.  I had a lobster dinner the other evening for about $20 in a Puerto Nuevo restaurant.  We are going back next week for a lobster lunch.  You can go American or go Mexican


How to ride out stormy weather on the beach

So another El Nino storm is blowing in from the ocean today.   The wind is very strong.  Since we are up on the 13th floor of our condo complex we have been seeing lots of sea gulls and pelicans flying by.  They normally stay closer to the sea.    So this is how the storm goes.

It rains hard for about a half an hour and then the sun comes out and then it clouds up again and rains.   But the wind has stayed steady, blowing hard. A storm like this is different when you live on the water.  You can almost see the storm come into land and wash over you.  I am glad I am not out on the ocean today.

We knew it was coming last night.  Here are some photos of the fog coming in last night;fog comes in It was so foggy that the sun keep trying to set through the cloud cover.  This is all we could see.fog and sun and sea Then this morning the storm struck and this is what it looked like from our balcony behind the sliding glass doors.rain on balcony Later today the ocean was frothy white with the wind making the bay a sea of little waves.stormy ocean  Needless to say, we are staying inside warm and cozy.  We knew the storm was coming on Friday so we stocked our shelves and refrigerator with lots of easy food to make.  Hot chocolate and cookies , anyone?

Had to add this sunset ; After the storm; hope always rises.storm sunset fan 5x7 net

Popotla a Mexican fishing village

We went to Popotla a Mexican fishing village last night at sunset. There was a large sea lion on the beach looking for some final fish handouts from the fishermen before the sun went down.  They are such noble animals. sea lion look back 5x7 bw netThe fishermen were pulling the last of the fishing boats up to the shore. They go out early in the morning to fish and bring back fresh fish to sell on the shore.fishing boat men bw net  As the sun set we went to one of the beach restaurants to have a wonderful lobster dinner above the beach.  ###Travel tip:  the cost of the fresh fish is much lower here.  You can even have fresh caught crabs cooked quickly in hot oil for a small fee.  Take them home for a heavenly meal of garlic butter and crusty bread.popotla sunset5x7 netOur life and our  meals are closer to nature here in Mexico.

The beach is missing about 4 feet of sand

We stayed here at this development last year at this time and the beach was glorious.  We could walk from our condo development 1 kilometer ( 6/10ths of a mile) on sand.Rosarito Beach Mexico sunset empty beachThe photo above is of the beach last year.  Since the storms of El Nino have been so violent; 4 feet of sand is missing this year.  Rocks that we did not know were under the sand have cut the walking beach in half.  We have been told that the sand will return in April.ocean sunset 5x7 net These rocks were all covered with sand last year.  It is hard for old guys like us with bad knees and ankles to walk on these rocks.  Unlike this young man that we saw walking quite easily along the surf.  We tend to hobble carefully .rock surf walking 5x7 Here is a photograph of David holding my walking stick.pilgram David You get the idea.  But we persist and walk the section of the sandy beach almost everyday.

Thought I would put up a photo of our condo development.  We are in the first building on the 13th floor.  It is a little too high for both of us but I try not to look straight down. lolla jolla del marWe love everyday here.  David’s blood pressure has dropped because he is so happy and relaxed here.  We feel very blessed to have this peaceful time.