Brighton Beach Pier and the Royal Pavilion

Yesterday was a sunny day.  We did not waste it and jumped on a train to Brighton.  This is a beach resort that was made famous when the Prince Regent, George, hired John Nash to expand his pleasure palace in 1815.  George loved gambling, drinking, eating and women and needed to have a place away from his father, King George III, who did not approve of his lifestyle.  Here is a photo that symbolizes one aspect of the Brighton legs Brighton 5x7 netI toured the palace. The outside was designed to look like a palace from India.Royal Pavilion Brighton 5x7 netThe inside was lavishly and extravagantly decorated in a Chinese decor, with crystal and golden dragons.  Photography is not allowed inside the building, so here is a picture of the massive dining hall from Wikipedia.800px-Brighton_Banqueting_Room_Nash_editedHis banquets would have over 100 different menu items offered to his guests, and the dinner would take hours.  Needless to say,  George was very obese and had to have his bedroom moved downstairs because he could not climb the stairs as he got older.

After that we walked down to the Brighton Pier which was opened around 1899.  Brighton pier 5x7 net

This pier has many fish and chip, donut, crepe, waffle, and ice cream shops, plus a couple of tattoo artists.  In addition, there are game machines to play.  I found the only skee-ball machine (I guess they are not that popular) and played a couple of rounds.linda skee ball 5x7 net

big minion 5x7 net

Big toy grab machine

They have an amusement park at the end of the pier.  Great place to take a date.  The rides are lots of fun, if you like being upside down.Brighton pier ride upside down 5x7 net

Brighton pier ride 5x7 net

Or sideways

Then there was the big ride.  I could not get all of it in the photo.  There were 2 sets of seats, one on top and one on the bottom, and they rotated into the air.  A guy who was on the ride saw that I was taking photos and signaled me not to ever take this ride.

tall ride 5x7 net

Here is a photo of the people at the top of the tower, sitting there for a long time while they let the people of the bottom off.

big ride top 5x7 net

If we had not just eaten dinner I might have tried one of these thrillers.  Right, and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell in Brooklyn.  welcome to brighton 5x7 net










2 thoughts on “Brighton Beach Pier and the Royal Pavilion

  1. Had a brief tour of Brighton in 1986 — pavilion is very garish but interesting for a reader of many Regency romances! The “beach” if not sandy at all but very rocky. I don’t recall all the fun stuff on the pier when we were there but maybe I just didn’t notice!


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