Southampton England for nine days

We left sweet Pablo to his wonderful mom yesterday and took the train to Southampton.  This is a seaport where the Titanic left for its fateful final trip.  We are on a 9 day break between sits and David chose a lovely apartment for us near the marina.  I love the ocean and it is wonderful to just walk 5 minutes to the sea.

Here is a photo of the marina. Southampton marina 5x7 netThey were parking this racing boat as we were walking by.  It is a stunning boat and I bet it goes boat 5x7 netThey are building lots of high rise apartment ( we would say they are condos) buildings all around the marina.  This one is the tallest.  I can hardly image what the view is from the top stories. Southampton apts 5x7 netThere were also a pair of swans that came up looking for food.  I did not know that they lived in sea water but the harbor manager said they did.swan neck 5x7 net More photographs and stories to follow soon.

2 thoughts on “Southampton England for nine days

  1. I would just like to comment..I am Danielle I met you on the underground having our train been delayed,I was having a terrible day,you came and sat next to me and asked me if you can help as I was very emotional.
    I just wanted to say your a beautiful soul and u made my day you were so kind and compassionate and I will never forget you it only takes a small gesture and a kind soul to make a huge difference to someone’s life thank you your wonderful,was a pleasure meeting you 🤗


    • Hi Danielle: Thank you so much for this kind comment. I am so happy I could do such a small thing for you to feel better. I so enjoyed our trip home with Fran ( I think that was her name). It was the best underground trip that I have experienced , we laughed so hard. Take care and remember that you are a jewel and always deserves to be treated as one. Linda


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