Godalming, Loseley Park, Hatchlands Park

We have mainly been hanging out here at the house with the sweet guinea pigs; Olaf Olaf net and Elsa Elsa netIt has been raining a lot but that means that the flowers have been amazing.  We did get to visit a couple of National Trust homes ( we purchased a pass so it is now essentially free to go).  They both did not let you take photographs inside the houses but the gardens were lovely.  This is Loseley Park; losely Park 5x7 netHere are some of the flowers from there; pink lily 5x7 netdahlia soft pink 5x7 net purple spikes flower 5x7 netThis house is called Hatchlands Park; Hatchlands Park 5x7 net.As you can see there are children playing in the front of the house.   The National Trust is very good about including things for children to do at their historic homes.  They often have a dress up corner for kids to wear costumes from the time period which is a good way to teach history to the young ones.

Our family will be returning tomorrow so we are cleaning the house and getting ready to move to Reading for 3 days until our next sit.  We have really enjoyed being here in Godalming.


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