In Godalming and England is abloom

We are in a small town called Godalming in Surrey, England.  We are petting sitting two beautiful but shy long haired guinea pigs named Olaf and Elsa.  I have not been able to catch them out of their houses to get a photograph.  Here is their outdoor cage and they are in the house.  backyard container netThe netting is to keep cats and birds of prey away.  I will post one of them soon.

We are doing our normal house sitting routine here.  We have been to the grocery store, spent some time feeding and cleaning the guinea pigs enclosure, and doing our laundry.  It has been raining for the last two days so we are being home bodies.

I had time today to work on some of the photographs that I have been taking and thought I would dazzle you with the stunning flowers that are abloom everywhere here.

pink primrose sky 5x7 net

dusty rose primrose 5x7 net

purple ball flower 5x7 net

yellow daisy 5x7 net

dark pink rose 5x7 net

pink white flower 5x7 net

sunflowers 5x7 net

passion flower center 5x7 net

You can see why I am going crazy with my camera in this country full of glorious flowers.


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