Llandudno , Wales for David’s birthday

We took the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead, Wales on the weekend. We arrived in a lovely Victorian seaside resort town, Llandudno in Wales. This city has a lovely crescent shaped bay and is located in North Wales. llandudno bay 5x7 net There are a group of pastel colored guest homes that face the ocean.  We stayed in one of these  the Grafton bed and breakfast.  We had a lovely ocean front room; the one right above the door in this picture.  The hosts Laurie and Paul where exceptional in the gracious help.Grafton B&B Llandudno Wales 5x7 netWe would highly recommend their establishment if you are ever in Llandudno,Wales.

We rode the hop on bus to Conwy to see the famous Conwy Castle that was built in 4 years by King Edward I in 1283.  He was a ruthless king who wanted to keep down the Welsh people with castles like this one.   Wikipedia says, “It is considered that Conwy  is one of “the finest examples of late 13th century and early 14th century military architecture in Europe”, and it is classed as a World Hertiage Site.” There was a lot to explore in the castle ruins and the town itself. conwy castle wales 5x7 netconwy castle tower wales 5x7 net It was also David’s birthday so we had dinner at a lovely hotel facing the beach. David bday dinner 2017 netThe next morning it was good bye Wales.wales flag 5x7 netAnd four trains later; hello Stratford on Avon. british train 5x7 netAnd hello to sweet Enzo our new pet to take care of here in Stratford.  He is a sweet and loving boy who is a joy to walk and play with.  This will be a lovely sit as we are near the old town and lots of Shakespeare historical sites.david and enzo 5x7 net


2 thoughts on “Llandudno , Wales for David’s birthday

  1. Hello Travel Friend,
    Love hearing about your travels. How is it going? Looking like you and David are well and getting this whole travel living down pat. We, Grant, Neil, Meghan and I went to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Amsterdam last month. Had a great time exploring and being together. I have been to Conway Castle! It was great to explore and imagine what life was life back them. My cousin lives right by Stratford on Avon, neat to see the cottages there. Enjoy your time. How long will you be there? Grant and I are traveling to Edinburgh to London, August 245- Sept. 9th. Keep in touch.


    • Thanks for the update Alison. Sounds like your travels are going well too. We will be in Ealing ( by London ) to Aug 24 and then on Sept 2 we will be by Oxford. Maybe we can work something out. Love, Linda


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