Powerscourt Gardens, Ireland

We rented a car!  This greatly expands our choice of adventures during this last week in Greystones.   We no longer need to try to fit into the bus system out here in the country.  So on Sat. we went to the local beach and just walked and took photos of a fun dog who loves to fetch the ball in the water.  dog ball ocean 5x7 net The next day we drove over to Powerscourt country house and gardens.  This is a large  country estate which is noted for its stunning landscaped gardens, which today consists of 47 acres.  This is a photograph of the house.  powerscourt house 5x7 net_edited-1There is an Italian garden that is spectacular. Here is the fountain in the lake.  It is located just behind the back of the house.powerscourt fountain 5x7netHere are the terraced grass areas leading down to the lake.  What a lot of grass to cut. powerscourt lawn netThe Japanese gardens are very picturesque. powerscourt japanese gardens 5x7 netHere is a young couple enjoying the view. young couple 5x7 net But it was flowers everywhere that were the main attraction. white many petals 5x7 netpink flower flames 5x7 netpink peony hybrid 5x7 netfull pink rose 5x7 netWell you can see what a stunning place it is to visit.  If you are ever down this way south from Dublin be sure to add it to your itinerary.

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