pet & house sitting in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

We are here on the Western coast of Ireland to spend about 10 day pet and house sitting with 2 lovely dogs;  Cassie and Bella.  And two affectionate kitty cats; Midnight and Pipsiecassie the dog net.bella 5x7 netPipsie 5x7 net_edited-1midnight the cat netWe have been making some short trips in the interesting places near here.  One day we went to Doolin ( a small Irish fishing village) . doolin houses 5x7net  We stopped for lunch at the O’Connor Pub which is know for its excellent Irish music.david at o connors pub netlinda at oconnors 5x7 net  It was a very windy day as you can see from my hair.    Afterwards we drove down to the harbor and saw a small island called the Crab Island.crab island 5x7 net.

After lunch we drove down to the Cliffs of Moher.  We were there 17 years ago and it was a field that you walked out on to look at the famous cliffs.  Now it is an amazing tourist center with a visitor center and shops.  I could not believe how many people were walking around.cliffs of Mohar shops netO'brien Tower 5x7 net  The Cliffs were still stunning. cliffs of Moher 5x7 net  More will come in my next blog entry.

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