Amsterdam a city of flowers and canals

We finished our cruise in Amsterdam and had 3 days to visit this interesting city in Holland.  The first day we went on an hour cruise of the canals.linda david Amsterdam canal cruise netAmsterdam lovers cruise net Then we went on a tour that took us to see working wind mills, a working cheese factory and a working wooden shoe manufacturer.  Amsterdam windmills netAmsterdam cheese factory net  Here is an old pair of wooden shoes made into ice skates; Amsterdam wooden shoe ice skates net  I almost forgot to add this photo of the wonderful young woman who served us a warm cherry waffle. Amsterdam waffle server net  Needless to say, it was gone very quickly.

The next day we went to the Keukenhof Tulip and flower gardens.  Every year they plant over 7 million flower bulbs and make this place into a wonderland of color and fragrance.  keukenhof landscape 5x7 netkeukenhof pink tulip 5x7 netkeukenhof 3 white tulip 5x7 netKeukenhof orange tulips net  I could have stayed taking photographs for hours; it was heaven.

The last day in Amsterdam was cold and overcast so we went indoors to see Our Lord in the Attic church.  My dear friend Alison recommended that we go see this stunning church that was built in the attics of 3 side by side houses.  Catholics could practice their faith in Amsterdam in the 18th and 19th centuries but they had to do it in a concealed church.  They were tolerated if their place of worship was not seen by people on the street.  This was true of any faith other than the official state church of Holland.

This lovely petite church was an amazing revelation when you entered this house Our lord in the attic house net  Up stairs in the attics you find this beautiful church;Our lord in the Attic church net  It was a fun and whirlwind tour of Amsterdam that we enjoyed very much.

We flew to Cork, Ireland that night and then drove up to Lisdoonvarna on the West coast of Ireland to start our 10 day pet and house sit in this lovely village.   More on that topic to follow in the next blog entry.

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