Sintra is a lovely city in Portugal

We landed in Lisbon two days ago, our first landfall after 8 days on the sea crossing the Atlantic Ocean.   Lisbon city 5x7 netOur crossing has been very pleasant, mostly sunny but not warm days with only a little rocking.

We had been in Lisbon for 3 days about 3 years ago so we decided to take the train to Sintra.   We decided to get there ourselves with 3 other couples from the ship.celebrity group 5x7 net We took the Metro to the train station (€1.45 cost) and then the train to Sintra (€3.80 round trip with senior discount) then walked to the 343  bus to go up to the Pena Palace (€5.50 for the loop). Lisbon metro 5x7 copy When we got there we purchased a ticket to the palace and another ticket for the tram up the steep hill to the entrance (€31 total). Pena Palace 5x7 net This journey took 2.5 hours.

Sintra was the summer home for the Portuguese royal family.  This is were the Pena Palace is located on the top of hill overlooking the town.  Pena palace 1 netThe palace was a renovation of the old monastery that was on the top of the hill.   King consort Ferdinand II decided to build it for a summer palace for the royal family.  It was completed in 1854.  In 1889 it was purchased by the state and turned into a museum. It is a very ornate design called Romanesque Revival.  As you can see from the photographs there were many arches and tiled walls.Pena Palace clock tower 5x7 net

Pena Palace David lunch net

The always-popular ham and cheese sandwich lunch.

David and I brought our lunch to save time.

We left Lisbon as the sun was setting over the long suspension 25 of April bridge.  25th of April bridge 5x7 net  We left to sail to Le Havre France.

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