Wee dog Bobby in Greyfriars graveyard

This ancient graveyard is supposed to be the most haunted place in Edinburgh.  If you come to visit it on a cold and rainy day, it gives off an atmosphere of  death and decay.  I got to visit it this summer on a sunny day and the very next day it was a cold and rainy day.  That is what weather is like in Edinburgh.    This graveyard is strange because of the dichotomy of its attractions.  The first side to this story is a sweet famous legend about a wee Skye terrier  named Bobby who is said to have sat on his master’s grave for 14 years until his own death.   (You must read the amusing debunk of this myth in Ian Smith’s blog.)  Here are the gravestones of all involved in this story; wee Bobby’s grave at the entrance of the church;  edinburgh greyfriars Bobby grave smallJohn Gray  the policeman who owned dear Bobby and the grave where he sat for 14 years until he died, edinburgh John Gray grave smalland James Brown, the graveyard sexton who kept the story alive and well to attract visitors and collect tips.greyfriars James brown sexton smallIf you look at the dates on these stones you will notice that perhaps the second wee Bobby outlived the sexton by 4 years. I image the next sexton picked up the gig.  Anyway, this  story has been so successful that Disney made a movie about it, and there is an entire pub dedicated to Bobby in front of the cemetery .edinburgh greyfriars Bobby smallWant to lift a pint to Bobby’s memory?  Amazing Bobby is still earning money for all involved.  I would say that is a loyal and excellent doggie.

The second part of the story of Greyfriars’ grave yard is definitely much more dark.  It is the story of imprisonment, beheadings, body snatching and ghosts.  That part I will take up in my next blog entry.  Come back for more if you dare….to be continued.



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