How I found our apartment in York

The route to finding a place to stay in York was a little different. I had originally wanted to go to the Lake District, preferably Windermere, but we waited too long and it’s peak season, so there was nothing on VRBO or AirBNB for our dates at a reasonable price. And as I wanted to do that visit without a car, the place had to be in walking distance of food and sites, but things are farther apart in the country.

So we decided on York, which was on our list to see, and on the way from Somerset to Edinburgh, our next pet-sitting assignment. We’re here for six nights.

I started out on AirBNB, where there were a few places but none at a good price or that really grabbed me. Sometimes you will see that the “owner” is an agency, and I did see one of these. Investigating their website, I noted that most of their places had 7-night minimums. As we only needed six, I thought that wasting one night might still get a better deal than other places on AirBNB. I emailed them directly, explained what we needed, and within hours had suggestions for two units, each available for six nights at £85 per night, and we picked this one.

york apt kitchen small

It’s quite new and looks like it’s never been lived in; in fact, there’s a guest log that is empty so far. It’s overlooking the river Foss about 100 feet off Walmgate, a fairly busy street, but totally quiet. Swans parade with their cygnets on the river. york apt deck small This is the view from the balcony.york view from apt small

There’s a Tesco Express and a Sainsbury Local within a 5-minute walk, and a Marks & Spencer foodhall a little farther away. York is very walkable, and even the historic part has variety and Poundland stores. There are restaurants in a variety of price ranges nearby. And the bed is king sized, a rarity in Europe.york bed small The really great thing about this apartment is the location.  We can walk to almost all of the historic places we want to see.  Not needing a car or a bus is a wonderful solution when you are touring.  When one of us has had enough they can just go home and the other person can keep going.



2 thoughts on “How I found our apartment in York

  1. So enjoy traveling “with you” on your adventure. I find it so interesting to read how you do find these great places – gives me courage when we go top Europe hopefully next year!


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