Wells Cathedral is a timeless beauty

We had heard that Wells was a wonderful little city to visit, but it was so much more beautiful than we expected.  The springs of water flowing from the earth have made this landscape a place of spiritual force from the early mists of Britain . Here is a photo of the water gushing out of one of the springs behind the Bishop’s Palace. wells Cathedral spring small The cathedral was built from about the 12th to the 14th centuries.  It has managed to hold up well without too many repairs. It is an imposing Gothic church.  wells cathedral small There are several medieval abbots (from about 1066 onward) that are buried inside the church.  This abbot had a 2 tiered memorial.  On the top is a body sculpture of him in his robes of office. Symbolizing his earthly power.abbot memorial wells cathedral small But just below this edifice he had a sculpture of his body in death.  Brought to the same level as all of us no matter our wealth or power in life.wells cathedral death small  It is surprising when you go to see the Bishop’s Palace which is located next to the cathedral.  Around 1330 the bishop felt the need to have a real castle built for his safety.  So he put up a wall, draw bridge and a moat for his protection.wells bishop castle small A bishop at this time was as powerful as a lord of the land.

We loved our visit to Wells.  If you get a chance you should go to see this gem of a city.  I will leave you with just one of the flowers that are planted in bowls wells flower pink yellow small all over the high street.


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