Goddesses at the Glastonbury Music Festival

Well, it has been raining on and off all week here in Somerset.  The Glastonbury Music Festival will be starting this week and I hope it stops for all those 135,000 people who will be camping.  We went back to Glastonbury Abbey to hear a moving concert by the Churchill Singers.  They sang Medieval and Sacred music in the 14th century Abbot’s kitchen.  churchill singers They are a very talented group and gave us a moving concert.  The acoustics in the circular building was excellent.  They even brought a  harpsichord with them and we were gifted with some 16th century music played by their director.harpiscord hands small I walked the gardens and looked at the lake in the abbey’s grounds.  I came across this baby duck trying to hide in the bushes. I thought it was a funny photograph.baby duck butt small Glastonbury was getting ready for the festival.  People were walking around in long skirts and flowers in their hair ( though I think it would be more fun without the sweaters).  glastonbury window gypsy small Goddesses are welcome here glastonbury goddess house smallMystic lady & dog small  I hope we can go back sometime next week and see what the town looks like in full festival regalia.  Stay tuned.



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