Glastonbury a hippie town with an ancient abbey

Yesterday,  it was overcast and rainy all day. We took the dogs for a walk  in the forest to a windmill that had been converted into a house. street windmill small We met a very beautiful dog called Marley and his kind owner on the trail. Street Marley dog smallAfter we dropped the doggies off at home,  we drove to Glastonbury..  It is about 5 miles from our pet sitting home.  Our hosts had said that it was kind of a town that was a throw back to the 1960s and we found it so.  It was fun to see crystal shops and long dresses and skirts on sale. Here is a photo of one of them; Glastonbury Mystic Garden small

In a week this this town will be overrun with thousands of music lovers.  The Glastonbury Music Festival this year is starring Adele and Cold Play.  We just wanted to get into town before the on slot.

But we were there to see the Glastonbury Abbey which is over 700 years old and right in the center of town.  This abbey was one of the richest in all of England until Henry VIII in 1539 took over the church in England and got rid of all the monks and nuns in the country. He had the last abbot , Richard Whiting hanged, drawn and quartered on the hill behind the abbey.

The abbey was stripped of all of its treasures, the lead from its roof and the tiles from its floors.  Over the years even the stones that were in the walls were looted.  Now all that is left of  this magnificent church are the remains of some walls.Glastonbury Abbey   6 16 16 smallGlastonbury abbey tower smallThis photo shows the two base walls of what was the bell tower of the church.   This is a drawing of what scholars think the church looked like before Henry’s henchmen took over.Glastonbury Abbey picture small The only building to survive intact is the Abbot’s Kitchen, which served as a Quaker  meeting house.Glastonbury Abbot's Kitchen small The abbot was a rich man and entertained important people who were visiting Glastonbury including King Henry VII.  His kitchen was made to provide better food than that that was prepared for the monks.  Here is a photo of his pastry oven.  This is smaller than the bread oven would have been.  It was a specialty oven for delicate pastries to be served to important people.Glastonbury abbot oven small Here is a photo of the way the kitchen prep table might have looked like; Glastonbury abbot's kitchen 5x7 small We ended up having a cream tea in the garden before the rain started again. crean tea david abbey small




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