Free things to do in London Pet sitting in Somerset

###Budget travel tip:  London has some terrific museums that are free to the public.  The British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum do not charge an entry fee. Without spending any money you can see the Rosetta Stone, Medieval stained glass and gigantic dinosaur bones.  It might take you three full days to get through these incredible collections.  I could spend days in each museum. Here are some photographs to enjoy from each of them;British museum front smallThe front of the British Museum and the interior ceiling; British Museum ceiling small Two of the historical treasures from the Victoria and Albert Museum ( the V & A); a medieval golden tabernacle that held the communion bread on the altar V and A golden tabernacle smalland just one of many pieces of medieval stained glass that is at eye level ( not up in the top of a church) medieval stained glass small  Here is the main entrance to the Natural History Museum which is a great place to take a child or a curious adult.  The displays are user friendly and teach about everything from prehistoric history to how our bodies work.London Natural History Museum small

We are now in Somerset doing our 3rd dog sitting assignment (#pet sitting)  We get to take care of two wonderful labs in a lovely home.  Here is a photo of David and the labs Lucy and Ruby on a walk Street David & dogs small and here is a view of the beautiful green landscape of Somerset from the house window.Street view from house small  More will be coming this week as we spend a lot of time at home with the doggies and I can work on photographs and more blog information.



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