Tourists this week in London

We are between pet sitting assignments and have rented a lovely little apartment in London for 8 days.  So we are being tourists in London, a city I love.  Everyday we are trying to see one historic place.  So far we have been to Hampton Court, the Tower of London and today it was the British Museum.  We also got to see the musical Wicked tonight.  Phew!

Here are a couple of photographs to whet your appetite for what will follow when we start to pet sit for Lucy and Ruby ( two beautiful labs) next week.  When we pet sit we spend much more time at home with the doggies and I will be able to get some more photographs and blog entries up.

Here is the banqueting hall on the Thames in Hampton Court.  It was made for King William III for his private entertainment.hampton court banqueting house small  Here is a photograph of the Tower of London which was built in 1070 or so by William the Conqueror.tower of london 2016 small  Here is another photograph of the Tudor part of the tower with the newest skyscraper in London The Shard in the background.  The contrast between the 16th century and the 21st century London is amazing to me.tower of London Shard 2016 small  Well it is midnight here in London and we plan to go to the V and A museum tomorrow…..Will catch up later.


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