A typical day when #pet sitting

Most of the #petsitting  and #housesitting assignments are about a week or two long.   On the days between them we rent an apartment and do tourist trips.  So when we are staying in someone’s house and taking care of their pets we tend to spend more time at home.  The dog or cat seems to do better if we spend the first day at home with them.  We tend to be around most of the day because the dogs need company and I love cuddling dogs and cats when they let me. ( If you want to learn more about pet sitting just search this blog with the words pet sitting or house sitting and those information blog entries will show up)   Here is Tommy in his bed.tommy in bed small So we go to the grocery store, do some laundry, and cook. During the week there is always vacuuming , the house keeping is pretty much the same as at home.  Of course, since this is not our home we try harder to take the best care of everything.  This helps all of us get used to each other and learn the pets routine.  There are plenty of things to do at home.  I catch up on my travel journaltonbridge journal making small and David works on the computer.  The long and varied dog walk is very important.  Tommy needs to run and play  and there is an excellent country park here that we can take him too.  Today he met several different dogs to run with.  Here is a whippet that ran faster than Tommy. Whippet flying smallThen we met this noble older gent, Monty who just sat and watch the young ones run in the meadow.old guy dog small No doubt thinking of the time when he could show these dogs a few tricks. We also met this lovely dog called Angus.  I think he is quite handsome. Angus small Finally, we met a dalmatian/sheepdog mix Ava who was ready to run and play.  Tommy and she were exactly the same age and they had fun. tommy ava smallTommy flying small By the time we got home Tommy was ready for a lot of water and a big nap.   It is such a joy to take care of him and the other dogs we have been privileged to take care of.









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