Pet sitting Tommy the Dalmatian

Part of pet sitting is to take the dog or dogs on their normal walk.  We try to keep the stress of the animals we are taking care of  to a minimum.  They miss their owners but we keep them in their home and try to keep their routines  as normal as possible.  This seems to help our animal friends.

Tommy is a special Dalmatian who we are pet sitting this week.  When it is time for his walk, he rides to the Country Park in the back of our hosts’ car. He quietly sits there looking out the back window.tommy car smallHe is very well behaved.  When we get to the park he walks on the lead over the bridge.  Here is a photo of David walking him.David and tommy small  Then we can let him off the lead to run in the grassy meadow.  The joy he expresses as he takes a giant circle around the meadow about 5 times is wonderful.  He is a big dog and needs to exercise.Tommy running small  He follows us through the walk and then promptly comes back to us when called.  He sits for his lead to be put on when we finally get to the car park.  He is a wonderful dog.Tommy park small


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