Arlington Court & saving money by joining the National Trust

We decided to go to Arlington Court today. Arlington Court map small It is a home that was built around 1820 to be the family home of the Chichester Family, and is located on their large estate in Devon. Arlington House small The last owner, Rosalie Chichester, gave the house and grounds to the National Trust when she died in 1949. The National Trust is a organization that protects and conserves important historical places in Britain.

Travel advice:  When you join the National Trust (currently it costs £105 a year for a couple, but if you join in the US, through the Royal Oak Foundation, it is only $95), you get free admission to 300 historic buildings, castles and stately homes.  Plus free access to over 600,000 acres of historical lands, and some other benefits.  If you are staying in Britain for any length of time you will make back this amount in admission fees.  Elizabeth and Matt helped us join, they were very kind and helpful.National trust Matt Elizabeth small

The house is a grand building that shows how the upper class lived in the 1860s when great houses were the homes of the wealthy families.  Here is the grand staircase:arlington house staircase small  There are extensive gardens to admire; Arlington court gardens small There is a beautiful peacock that runs the garden.peacock small  And you can go out into the fields and see the sheep and the lambs.Arlington Court black white lamb small  We had an afternoon cream tea before we left, yum   cream tea small It was sunny and a lovely day in the country.



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