House & pet sitting in Somerset England

We rented a Smart Car to get from Bristol to our first British house and pet sitting assignment in lovely Somerset , England.   Motto: “Keep left!” We used Google Maps on the smartphone to navigate, and for some reason it took us in a much more roundabout route than its PC-based counterpart had suggested. This turned a 22-mile distance into more like 50.   ###travel tip: If you want to learn more about how to find a house- and pet-sitting assignment, see our blog post here.bristol car rental small.jpg  Our wonderful hostess welcomed us a day early and showed us around the house and took us for a walk with our foster dogs; Brogan and Bridie.  Janet brogan bridey small.jpgThey are two of the most lively border terriers that we have met.  Bridie is younger and still pretty peppy.  Brogan is the older man who keeps things under control except when there is a particularly good smell, then he decides to take a thorough sniff.  lol

Then there is Max, the senior cat who allows us to pet and feed him whenever he is ready.  Max is 17 and spends a lot of time sleeping.  But here is a photo of him surveying his garden on a sunny day.  He is still a handsome guy.Janet Max small.jpg

It is wonderful to be able to be in a small English village in the beginning of spring.  Everything is so green and the flowers are just starting to brighten the landscape.janet english country side smallJanet white pink blossoms smallJanet pink bells small

It is quite refreshing after two months of almost constant touring to be able to take care of someone’s home and pets.  Dave and I are puttering around the house; filling bird seed containers, watering the plants and vacuuming.  It is so much better for the animals to be able to stay at home even if the humans are not their mom.  And it makes us so much happier to cuddle and play with the fur babies.  Everyone wins.

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