Must step back in time to experience a 1845 cruise ship

We toured the historic ship the,  SS Great Britain today.  It is one attraction that should not be missed if you are in Bristol,   England. They have made it into a museum ship that is floating in dry dock on the Avon where it was built in 1845. She was the longest passenger ship in the world from 1845 to 1854.  While other people had made iron ships before, this was the first one to combine these features in a large ocean-going ship.Bristol ss Great Britian smallBristol ss Great Britian entire ship small The SS Great Britain  was the first iron passenger steamer ( a cruise ship) to cross the Atlantic, which she did in 1845, in the time of 14 days. She was grounded after 3 trips from Liverpool to New York and was sold.  The new owners used her to transport 700 settlers to Australia .  It worked out so well that she spent 30 years making the England to Melbourne route.

The museum is one of the best and well thought out that I have been too.  It is wonderful for children and adults as everything is very hands on. It helps you step back in time.  You can tour the ship; see the tiny bunks and difficult living conditions    ( bad in 1st classbristol ss Great Britain 1st class small and really bad in steerage). Even in 1st class the bunks were about 20 inches wide. This was not the Titanic in comfort.  You can tour the galley that has a cook ( made in wax) making the meals .  It is so realistic that the galley even has video rats running through the top of the kitchen and the cook yells at the cat to “get to work”.   bristol ss Great Britain kitchen small It had costumes and a photo mock up the ship’s deck for you to use to take your own photographs.  You can choose to be the captain, crew member or a passenger.  This was too much for us to pass up so here are David and I  in our sailing best.  Luckily, we are not braving the rough seas to Australia.Bristol Dave costumed 5x7 small It gives you a tiny experience about how your ancestors got to the new world.  Bristol Linda costumed small  I would highly recommend a visit.  We leave Bristol tomorrow.  Off to our first pet sitting assignment.  I can hardly wait to meet the doggies and kitty cat that we will be privileged to take care of.




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