McDonald’s & food in Europe; it is different

Sunday was Mothers’ Day (here in Italy too) and we wanted to go out somewhere nice. But that kind of restaurant doesn’t open until 7pm in Italy … and often later in Spain … and we were starving by 6, so we decided to settle for “Scottish food” and walked to McDonald’s at 6.

In the US, one of their classic sandwiches costs about $4-5, and “making it a meal” by adding fries and a drink cost about $2.30 more.  Here, it’s the other way around: The basic sandwich is about €6.80 and the meal option, called McMenu, is only 0.50 — and since the drink by itself is €1.60 everyone pretty much upgrades. Whereas in the US, we NEVER eat the wonderful fries (having become even more attached to our arteries as we age), and often settle for water.

Other differences: soda refills aren’t free. Neither is ketchup: it comes in 25 mL tubs, slightly less than an ounce, for 0.25. This size is similar to what Mickey’s dipping sauces for McNuggets come in. I am sure this cuts way down on waste. They have “milkshakes” that are smaller and not the same as ones in the US, but still pretty good and only €1. The overall quality is about the same.

Restrooms in fast food restaurants frequently require a code or a token to access, because there aren’t many easily available public facilities. It really teaches you to go when there’s an opportunity.

We’re off tomorrow to England on EasyJet, which will be a new experience for us, as will be taking the bus to the airport.mcD ketchup  Another aspect of being American in Italy is ice, or the lack there in.  We are staying in an AC Marriott hotel. Padua AC hotel small Unlike at home there are no ice machines.  In order to get ice for your water or drinks you have to go to the bar and ask for it.  It comes in a bowl. padua ice small The desk clerks all think we are strange that we request a bowl of ice everyday.

One of the advantages of writing a travel blog is getting to meet people and putting them on the blog.  I especially love dogs and this leads to meeting other dog people.  Here is a photo of a lady that I met in the gift shop at one of the churches who had her sweet dog, Elola with her. She graciously let me pet her dog and take a photo. Padua St Antonio dog lady  And we ate a kebab shop for dinner the other night.  Here is a photo of Ferdi  a handsome young man who waited on us. Padua Ferdi small

### Budget Travel Tip:   These kabab snack shops are everywhere and offer good value for your money.  Here is a photo of his shop.Padua turkish small It offers a nice alternative to the ham and cheese sandwiches that abound here in Italy.  And they offer free wifi, what a deal.


2 thoughts on “McDonald’s & food in Europe; it is different

  1. Enjoyed reading your posts…looking forward to your stay in England. I’ll be there May 26- June 5th.
    Keep in touch.


    • We’ll be in Tonbridge, Kent at those dates. Clothes: layers. Lately it’s been high in the low 60s and lows about 50. Don’t forget your umbrella. (If you have one! We had to buy a couple.)


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