Padua, Italy a hidden gem of a medieval city

We are in Padua for five days.   ###Travel tip:  It is a gem of a medieval city that is not crowded with tourists.  We just left the madness of Venice and the wall to wall crush of tourists and so this city is a refreshing break.  Padua is much less expensive to stay in than the big Italian tourist cities.

It is wonderful to be in one place for a while since being on a 19 day cruise with a new port almost everyday.  I have lots of photos and travel hints from those ports but I will have to slowly introduce them on the blog.  I try to make these posts short and quick to read.

Padua is in Northern Italy not far from Venice.   Its medieval town is well taken care of and in good condition.  Yesterday was Saturday and the open air market was in full swing in the Piazza dei Signori in the center of old town.  You can see all the stalls selling everything from pet food to clothes.  It is very similarPadua open air market small to other open air markets we have seen in other Italian cities.

Do you see that magnificent blue and white clock tower in the background?  It is a 14th century creation called,Torre dell’Orologio.  It is an astronomical clock that is similar to the more famous one in Venice.  This clock shows the moon phases and the five main planets’ and the Zodiac’s positions in the sky, using extremely complicated mechanisms and science and technology of the 14th century .  It is beautiful.Padua clock tower small

Padua had the University of Padua which was founded in 1222.  It was where Galileo Galilei  was a lecturer. Padua University small  It was the setting for most of the action in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.  You could almost see the characters strutting in front of the medieval palaces that line the church square.Padua palaces small

Of course, it is a part of the city that is still alive with people and dogs enjoying the Saturday evening walk and catching a bite to eat at the outdoor restaurants.   Here is a photo of Pedro, the little dog that reminded me of my sweet Mac at home.Padua Pedro the dog small There are lots of churches in the historical city.  This is the oldest one, St. Sophia.  It might have had a wall built in the 10th century.  The inside has been restored to its Romanticist 12th century style.  As you can see from the outside plain and strong.Padua St Sophia small
Well, there will be more information about Padua in my next post.  The next post will have more travel tips.


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