We took the bus today around Girona

Travel tip to save money:  this is something that we often do when we are in a new city.  David studies the bus routes and purchases a 10 trip ticket.  Here in Girona it was 10.70 euros. Then we jump on a local bus and ride it around town.  It is a great way to get an overview of the different parts of the town in comfort and economy.  We know where we would like to go back to walk around.  We also get to see how and where people live in the city. It’s also a great idea for a rainy day.

Here in Girona most people seem to live in apartments that are grouped around a central green area that has playground equipment for children.  We also saw parts of the university of Girona which are scattered throughout the city.  Our bus stopped there and we waited for the next one.  This one took us to the old town and up to the top of a hill to see the St. Daniel Monastery.  Here is a photograph of the door to the monastery.  It looks like the monks needed protection. We could not go in as it is only for retreats but it was fun to walk down the hill in the early evening.Girona St Daniel monastery door.jpg We found the Bishop’s fountain in a dark corner by the remains of the Gilligants river.  You take the cork out of the spigot and the water comes out.  I almost drank some of the water before David read that there was E. coli in the water.  Oh no!  I guess the bishop was a lucky man.Girona Bishops fountainWe walked down the remains of the Galligants river.  Girona galliganes riverWhen we got home there was a couple sitting at the restaurant that is in front of our apartment door.  They had a lovely dog called Willy who looks like our Mac.  I played with him for a little bit.  I miss Mackie so much.  Here is a photo of Willy.

Here is a photo of our Mac;maclo1.jpg

Here in Girona everyone takes their dogs with them all the time.  When you walk though a square with tables outside there are always a dog or two sitting by their owner.  Here is a dog leash holder that I found outside a sidewalk bar.Girona dog leash holder I love this!


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