See the Jewish quarter and food of Girona

Two important topics today in our blog, the moving Jewish museum and an acknowledgement of some wonderful food.

Today we visited the Jewish museum in Girona.  ( Travel savings hint;  go to the tourist information center in a city and ask if they have discount cards for museums. We got 2 discount cards for free for Girona and are saving 1/2 off each ticket we purchase).  It was a moving experience since there was a large Jewish population in Girona for about 300 years.  This section of the old town was where the synagogues, the butcher shops that sold kosher meats, and the mikveh baths Girona Mikveh bath entrancewere located, not far from the Catholic cathedral.  There are narrow streets that go up the hills in this section of the old town with many steps.  It is like going back in time.

girona Jewish quarter street

It is a beautiful museum that has  explanations of the history of the Jewish people of Girona, and most are in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.  It was a thriving place until  1492 when the Spanish monarchs decided that all Jewish people in Spain had 6 months to convert to Christianity or leave.  Many left their homes and businesses and went into exile, rather than face the cruel Inquisition. Girona Jewish museum.jpg Moving on to a more fun topic, food.  This city is known for its gastronomical experiences but we have to give La Tortilla and chef Norlan a big thank you!  It has been a month since I have had real Mexican food and it was a happy night when we discovered this excellent restaurant. Chef Norlan, a very friendly person who was born in California and grew up in Oregon, came out and took our orders.  I asked for a carne asada burrito the way I would make it at home and he made it for me.  girona burritoIt was delicious  and the best meal I have eaten in Spain.  David had carnitas tacos that were great.  We left with very happy stomachs and will be eating there one more time before we leave Girona.  Thank you Norland!  If you are in Girona and want wonderful Mexican food stop by and say hello.Norlan la tortilla

And I cannot forget to mention gelato.  We have a wonderful gelato store at the end of our block called La Lletera.  I go there almost every evening for the dark chocolate gelato and we have gotten to know the people who work there.  Here is a photo of two of my favorite people in Girona!lletera gelato.jpg


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