We took the hop on hop off bus

On Tuesday April 5, it rained all day in Barcelona.  We were camped out in our hotel room, so we decided to take the  hop on/ hop off bus and see what we had missed in Barcelona.  It was a good way to spend a damp, windy day. Surprisingly, the buses were not all that busy.

You’ve seen these buses in many cities. Usually double-decker with an open or convertible top floor, they’re great for getting an overview of the city and deciding where you might like to visit. There are two routes in Barcelona, each requiring about 2.5 hours to make the loop. A recorded message in 14 languages is available to describe what you are passing.

We took the red route first, exploring the western and higher part of the city. Then we transferred to the green line, moving eastward. We got out at Sagrada Familia and walked around the site.  This amazing church was started in 1882 and will not be completed until 2026.  It was designed by Spain’s famous architect, Gaudi.  His innovative designs  incorporate natural images into stone.bar sacred family small bar sacred family 1 smallbar sacred family nativity smallbar sacred family sanctus smallThis is a photograph of a home’s window that was designed by Gaudi.  bar gaudi window smallFortunately, the rain and wind had subsided by then, late in the afternoon. At some point, they turned on the heat in the bus and we struggled to stay awake.  We spend 5 hours on the bus which worked out well.

For some reason, the idea of Irish comfort food occurred to both of us .. and there are quite a few Irish pubs in Barcelona. We asked Google for the nearest, and got four within a short walk of our hotel. The first featured only nachos and tapas for food; and the second had a wider variety, but was blaring music so loud we couldn’t see eating there. So we went back to La Cava Universal, a medium-size neighborhood restaurant we had eaten at before. We had a bite, walked back to the hotel, and for some reason we were exhausted and went to bed.

We had decided to go to a smaller city outside of Barcelona called Girona the next day.  The tale will continue.



2 thoughts on “We took the hop on hop off bus

  1. Always enjoy your travel stories – we have watched a fascinating documentary on the Sagrada Familia. It would be amazing to see this in person.


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