How to take train to Girona Spain

So yesterday we left overcrowded Barcelona and took a train to quiet and quaint Girona  (north east of Barcelona).  The train was very nice and clean and people were very helpful when we had trouble finding the correct track.   ###Travel tip:  even if you do not speak the language learn the name of where you want to go and point to the train departure signs and you will get help, my way of getting around the language problems lol.girona train When we arrived we took a taxi to our lovely AirBnB apartment and met our gracious host, Oscar. ### Travel tip : This time we had read the reviews ( all great) and looked at many photos that Oscar provided in his listing.girona oscarHe is planning on going to California in August so we had a lively discussion of places to visit there.  He helped up carry our two heavy suitcases up the 44 stairs.  The apartment is large and clean and comfortable.  Here are some photos of it.  girona davegirona kitchenI plan to cook in this kitchen.   ###Travel tip:  you save lots of money when you buy fresh food and cook it yourself.girona bathgirona bedgirona balcony We are happy here and look forward to 11 days of exploring this old city with enough time to get to know what living here is like. ###Travel tip:  when you stay in one place for a longer time you have a different and more satisfying experience.  You can go back to something that interested you and look at it again.


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