Well, that was no fun

When we last posted, we had just arrived in Barcelona and had gotten ourselves off the Norwegian Epic. The day before had begun with just a little cough in the back of my (Dave) throat, and a hope that some new European pollen was the culprit. Monday I still felt fine but the cough was still there and getting a little more arrogant.

After some communication difficulties, we met our AirBnB host and got into our apartment. It was not good. There was mold on the walls and paint peeling from the ceiling. apt cracked wall  moldy ceiling  apt moldy ceilingIt was the sort of place where, if you were 22 and planning to stay for three days, you’d just make the best of it.  Being geezers, one of whom was clearly getting sick, it wasn’t going to work.  I fired off a complaint to AirBnb to get that process started, and looked for an alternative.  Somehow, on the Marriott site, I found a listing for AC Hotel Som, about 3 miles west of where we were, and definitely outside the tourist zone. But they had a nice-looking room for €60 — and €51 with senior discount!! We piled ourselves, three bags, two backpacks, and pear tree into a taxi and scooted out there.

I can’t say enough about the people at this place. It’s a new part of town, with lots of apartments and 6 or 8 office towers, yet strangely there seem to be only a few people on the street. Even more luckily, there is a huge mall across the street, containing about the biggest supermarket (Carrefours) I’ve ever seen. All that was good, because I hit the phase of the illness where I stay in bed for two days, just as Linda entered the earlier, bronchial spasm phase.

Over the next few days, we dragged ourselves out to buy food and visit the Farmacia down the street. I had brought samples of DayQuil which they duplicated at first (€7.50 for two days supply); then we got the Spanish variety of Mucinex (about the same price). They worked OK. (There is no dual-400-pack of any kind of medicine here.)  We spent an entire week in that hotel room.

Today, alas, they said we had to leave as they were fully booked. We had found an AirBnB with possibility and booked it for two days. We went there, and while it was clean and well equipped, it was one floor above a noisy narrow street and the bed was like wallboard. We left immediately  ( our second bad choice with AirBnB) . But it had great Internet, which we used to find a room back at the same hotel we had stayed in before the cruise, and at another sub-60-euro price for two days!

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, so we may take the hop-on hop-off bus around the city. These are sorta pricey, like around €28 for one day, although there’s a senior discount, which in Palma was 50% — but here just €4 off. Then we’ll either add a day, find another room, or pick another city to visit. I’d like to see Girona, but probably not for 11 days. And we need to plan a return to Barcelona for the Eurodam departure on Sunday the 17th. There are six cruise ships in port that day, and possible hotel rooms are already over $300 for the night before the cruise.

Later , I’ll go into more detail about AirBnb and its frustrations.


2 thoughts on “Well, that was no fun

  1. Sorry to hear about your misadventures with the AirB &B. I have only heard good things from them. Keep me posted. Hope your and David are feeling better as each day passes. When are you going to England.? I have bunco at my house in April, you will be missed.


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