We are back from the cruise and in Barcelona

I have not been able to post much over the last two weeks because we did not have a good internet connection on the ship ( the Norwegian Epic).  I will be writing about the cruise and posting some photos over the next few days to catch you up with our adventures.

The Norwegian Epic is a huge ship ( the largest we have sailed on) there were 4400 passengers on board.epic ship small  We were traveling with our family and had two side by side cabins in the aft end of the ship.  They were the smallest cabins I have ever been in.  And we shared our cabin with my sweet sister Sandi.  We were very cramped and had to take showers in shifts.  But my other sister and her husband were in the next room and the balconies were connected and  spacious.  So we often put five chairs together on the aft balcony to have a drink and watch the sunset which was great fun.  ###Travel tips ; if you travel with family try to get cabins next to each other especially if you are in  balcony rooms.

It was an 11 day cruise going to ports in Spain and Italy.  After we left Barcelona we arrived in Cartagena, Spain.  Dave and I walked up to the castle at the top of the hill and had terrific views of the port.cartegena castle small  Of course, the view was important in order to save the city from all the historical  attacks by the sea that this town had to suffer over the centuries.cartagena harbor small  Luckily, the only attacks now are from tourists.  There were two cruise ships in port that day and they disgorged a lot of passengers.  We walked up the hill to the castle on the top.
There was also a male peacock strutting his stuff on the castle stair way.  He put on an amazing show for the tourists his mate was asleep at the bottom of the hill.cartagena peacock small Well, very tired tonight so will resume the travel log tomorrow.  Many new places to see.


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