Going back to Europe next week

16 1 8 sunset 5x7Here is the plan as it now stands  to return to Europe.   We leave Mexico on Friday and next Monday we fly to Barcelona to meet up with our family. We will all then leave on an eleven day Mediterranean cruise around Spain and Italy.  The cruise returns us to Barcelona.  Alas, our family will return to California while we stay on in Barcelona. We have rented an apartment for 21 days in the city.  We hope to travel around Spain on day trips.  Then we have another Mediterranean cruise that drops us off in Venice .  We will stay there for five days and then fly to Bristol, United Kingdom.

In England, we have the privilege to pet and house sit for five lovely families which we are very excited about. We get to take care of some wonderful dogs and cats and become friends with some interesting people.

It feels kind of overwhelming , but since we did it last year in Italy we know we can handle it.   I feel that we need to make the most of our time and health at this stage of our lives.

I will be posting more often with photographs of the trip.


2 thoughts on “Going back to Europe next week

  1. I am so happy for you. It sounds like a wonderful adventure. I am living vicariously through you as we still have so many obligations at home. My Dad, 98 years old, lives we us and we can’t go too far without getting him some help. We also babysit our garandchildren, so we represent the “sandwich generation”. We were able to go on a 6 week trip last fall in our Rv, but we are always dreaming of leaving at a minutes notice to somewhere else in our beautiful country. Soon, I hope. Have a wonderful time!!! There’s a Lowell Reunion in October will you be back by then????


  2. Pam: I am glad you are able to travel with us even if it is in your imagination. I will try to fill it in with lots of photographs of our adventures.
    We were the sandwich generation between David’s mom and our son ( who was born when I was 40) but everything has resolved and we are free to go.
    I am sorry but we will not be back until December so we will miss the reunion. I will watch for photos on fb. Take care and hi to Gerry.



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