How to ride out stormy weather on the beach

So another El Nino storm is blowing in from the ocean today.   The wind is very strong.  Since we are up on the 13th floor of our condo complex we have been seeing lots of sea gulls and pelicans flying by.  They normally stay closer to the sea.    So this is how the storm goes.

It rains hard for about a half an hour and then the sun comes out and then it clouds up again and rains.   But the wind has stayed steady, blowing hard. A storm like this is different when you live on the water.  You can almost see the storm come into land and wash over you.  I am glad I am not out on the ocean today.

We knew it was coming last night.  Here are some photos of the fog coming in last night;fog comes in It was so foggy that the sun keep trying to set through the cloud cover.  This is all we could see.fog and sun and sea Then this morning the storm struck and this is what it looked like from our balcony behind the sliding glass doors.rain on balcony Later today the ocean was frothy white with the wind making the bay a sea of little waves.stormy ocean  Needless to say, we are staying inside warm and cozy.  We knew the storm was coming on Friday so we stocked our shelves and refrigerator with lots of easy food to make.  Hot chocolate and cookies , anyone?

Had to add this sunset ; After the storm; hope always rises.storm sunset fan 5x7 net


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