The beach is missing about 4 feet of sand

We stayed here at this development last year at this time and the beach was glorious.  We could walk from our condo development 1 kilometer ( 6/10ths of a mile) on sand.Rosarito Beach Mexico sunset empty beachThe photo above is of the beach last year.  Since the storms of El Nino have been so violent; 4 feet of sand is missing this year.  Rocks that we did not know were under the sand have cut the walking beach in half.  We have been told that the sand will return in April.ocean sunset 5x7 net These rocks were all covered with sand last year.  It is hard for old guys like us with bad knees and ankles to walk on these rocks.  Unlike this young man that we saw walking quite easily along the surf.  We tend to hobble carefully .rock surf walking 5x7 Here is a photograph of David holding my walking stick.pilgram David You get the idea.  But we persist and walk the section of the sandy beach almost everyday.

Thought I would put up a photo of our condo development.  We are in the first building on the 13th floor.  It is a little too high for both of us but I try not to look straight down. lolla jolla del marWe love everyday here.  David’s blood pressure has dropped because he is so happy and relaxed here.  We feel very blessed to have this peaceful time.


2 thoughts on “The beach is missing about 4 feet of sand

  1. So interesting following your blog – wow what a difference with the sand gone. Would love to hear from you what you would do in case you needed medical attention while there – or other places you are traveling to.


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