Home from Hawaii

Hawaii was really wonderful.  It is so warm and the water is so clear.  We drove over to the east side of the island to see the volcano but unfortunately it was raining.  The rain makes it difficult to take any photos of the smoke rising from the crater .   We did get to have lunch in the old Volcano House hotel.  I got to sit by the fireplace. linda at volcano house On the way home we stopped at the black sand beach.  It was a wonderful beach with black volcanic sand and it had 9 turtles resting in two rows in the sand.  One of them had his head resting on another one’s shell. turtles at beachThere were also 2 little puppies on the beach; black puppy I love puppies; brown puppy so now we are home and continuing to pack.  We decided that we would probably not live in Hawaii.  That 6 hour airplane ride to get to the mainland is long and we love to travel.


5 thoughts on “Home from Hawaii

  1. That little brown pup is so cute. I guess they have stray dogs all over the world?? Looks like they may be related by the way their ears are perked. You take such good pictures. Thanks for sharing


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