some more photographs from the big island of Hawaii

This is a place that makes you very aware of how wonderful and intricate are the creatures and beauty of the earth.  We are snorkeling almost everyday.  Here are some creatures that I have gotten to take some photographs of.  This is a rockmover Wrasse.  He gets his name because in order to find food under the rocks and sand he lifts them with his mouth.hawaii 12 15 rockmover wrasse face Next is a snowflake moray eel; hawaii snowflake eel small  He slithers along the bottom of the coral looking for food to smash; he does not have teeth but 2 very hard disks in his mouth.hawaii turtle 5x7 smallThis is a Hawaiian turtle.  He was looking for food in the rocks on the side of the bay.  That box on his back is a radio transmitter. He must be in a scientific observation.

And finally , this is one of my favorite photos taken as the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.  This is a man looking at the sunset.  He is dwarfed by the ocean, clouds and sun.  This reminds me that we need to take care of this beautiful land and this fragile earth.hawaii sunset clouds 5x7 small



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