Getting ready to sell the house

Documenting the selling of almost all of our stuff before we go on the road again is difficult.  Here are some photos of what the house looks like now, with piles of everything getting stacked up.  Corners of the rooms hold what we want to keep, what is worth keeping, what should be sold, and what should be given away.  books

Another part of this process is having  to deal with all the purchasing mistakes you have made over the last 40 years.  Yes, I have things in the house that I have dragged around from home to home for 40 years.  Why did I buy that?  I used it once?  What was I thinking?  How much more money would be in our savings if I had had this insight earlier? table

But at the same time it is also incredibly freeing.  I do not have to dust or think about where I am going to keep this stuff.   I do not think I have ever needed more than a quarter of it. ( any younger people reading this , please think about the lessons we are learning at 65!)

I am going to vote on thinking about the freeing part as much as possible.  lolP1210982


2 thoughts on “Getting ready to sell the house

  1. It always is amazing all those things we THOUGHT we couldn’t live without. Once on the road there will be some things that you think: boy I should’ve kept but overall when you start to see the skies open up to you – it will be a gorgeous change!


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