Different ways to shed some art work and supplies

Since I am cutting down on my craft supplies in my studio, I have been selling the nicer stuff at discount prices in my Etsy store.  All the art journals I have made are up for sale ( $9.99 or less).  I just want them to go to someone who appreciates them.enchanted 5

I started abandoning art again. This FB group leaves our art in everyday places for whoever finds it to keep.ckebrate journal give away

I am also going through my clothing closets and giving away bundles of clothes.

According to the antiques dealers in our town,  “younger people” are no longer interested in my husband’s grandmother’s china, or our china hutch!  We have only one boy and he is not interested in keeping these items…so what to do???

This is a collectible American Brilliant crystal bowl from 1902.  It was David’s grandmother’s.  It is lovely but I think I might sell it on Ebay for someone else to cherish.cut crystal bowl 2

Perhaps this is a warning to some “not so young people” to think about what they are collecting and where it will go when it is no longer needed.  I remember reading Lauren Bacall’s autobiography, NOW, in which she said something like; “When you reach the age of 60 you start to realize that your children are not going to want all this stuff you have collected.”  When I read that a couple of years ago, it stuck in my mind as an important realization.   So here I am past 60 and finding out that Lauren’s words were so true!

Well, just thought I would keep you up to date with our shedding process.  Our goal is to make it to January 1, 2016, give the key to a real estate team to liquidate what is left, renovate the house and sell it.  We plan to run away to Rosarito Beach in Mexico and supervise from the beach…lol


3 thoughts on “Different ways to shed some art work and supplies

  1. I tried to comment on the Christmas item one but was gone – Iknow how hard it is – I moved into a travel trailer once and had to get rid of most everything. Gets easier the more you do it though! Hopefully for you, it will be a one time thing.

    Now the journals – I have absolutely no money BUT I am going to look anyway – I may just find something that I totally LOVE and adore! Well hopefully not too many though – your work is great!


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