My craftroom seems to be growing craft supplies as I try to clear it out!

So you know I am struggling with cleaning up and paring down our stuff.  We have  lived in our home for 25 years and now are preparing to sell the house and travel.

My favorite room in our house used to be my craft room or my craft cave (that is what my son calls it).  I had a lot of stuff in it but I knew where most of it lived and happily spent time listening to books on CD  (free from the library) and getting glue, paper and paint everywhere, but mostly on me.

Now, I am trying to go through all those organized piles and decide what I really want to keep in storage boxes.  The craft cave has exploded! craftroom 5 Now there is no room on the floor, no room on the tables, and no room on the shelves.  I have sold or given away so many piles of scrapbook/art paper and this pile is supposed to be what  I am keeping. craftroom 3 I will have to go through it one more time.  There are some pieces of furniture that I am keeping. craftroom 4  But most of this room needs to go.  My dog Mac who sits in the chair and watches this entire process , seems to be saying; craftroom MacDo not get me wrong, I am grateful that I have been able to accumulate all of these art supplies.  When I was a child I always wanted to paint and glue but it was not possible in our household.  I have been making up for that repressed desire these last 15 years!  Time to grow up….oh noooo!


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