How to store photos and papers you want to keep

Well we are still plowing along trying to figure out what is  important to keep and what should be sold or given away.  This week I have been gathering old photographs, and family history papers.  I am the family historian so my paper archive is large.  Many of these pieces of paper are interviews of family members who have now passed away and are priceless for our history.

So do I scan all these photos and papers into my computer and put them into the cloud? Or do I keep them for when we are home again ( after traveling) and I have time to do that much work?  Here they are now gathered and sitting on my dining room table. photos and history  As you can see a lot of papers and photos.  I am going to invite my sisters over this weekend and see if we can either divide up the work or store everything in waterproof containers ( see the yellow and black container in the back of the photo)  in the storage unit.

It is this type of paring down that is so difficult.


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