Cleaning out the file cabinets letting go of the past

I am not sure anyone will really want to read this blog now that we are preparing our home to be sold.  This will be going on for a couple of months so if it does not interest you, take a break until about Feb. 2016.  If you are doing or considering to do this part of the senior gap year;  selling your home,  it might be interesting.

I have been cleaning out file cabinets.  Yes, after 25 year we had a 4 tall file cabinets filled with paper notes, family history and memorabilia.  Here is one of the trash cans I started to fill today.file trash can  And here is a photo of the empty file cabinet empty files  It is hard to believe that there is so much to go through.  Some items to keep and some to sell and some to give away.  It is sad but freeing at the same time.  Everything can be found on the internet now so there does not seem to be much use for paper notes.  The birthday cards and photographs are another problem.  I have decided to scan the most important ones and send them up to the cloud for safe keeping.  I keep thinking about Mexico and the wonderful beach we might soon be visiting again. 16 blue gold net

Hope you all who are reading this are doing well and are happy.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning out the file cabinets letting go of the past

  1. I enjoy reading. I just put my house on the market after getting rid of things and going through things for many months – good luck!


  2. We sold our house in Long Beach in August of 2009. Since the market was beginning to slide at that point we thought it would take 3-4 months and that we had plenty of time to go through stuff. Silly us…10 days later we sold it, we had a 30 day escrow and no where to go. I was still teaching in Anaheim. OMG what to do. We had lived in our home for 34 years so the accumulation of things was daunting. But we did it. We moved to Menifee and lived with our daughter and son-in-law for 8 months as we waited for the process of a short sale to go through. I was driving on the 91 everyday to Anaheim crazy! Before leaving Long Beach we decided to get rid of all our furniture, dishes, kitchen stuff and appliances. It was the best decision. I now have what I really need ( and new) and nothing more. Heirlooms from my mother and grandmother, I couldn’t let go and now are packed in the garage…hoping that my daughters will make the decision what to keep or sell when I am gone ( 25-30 years from now, maybe they will be worth something then). It is a hard task but also rewarding going back through the wonderful mementos that you have saved through the years. But nothing can take the memories away. Good luck and my best advice is to make 3 piles…definitely throw away…think about it…keep. And in the end you will probably throw away the “think about it pile” too. Let’s get together and catch up when one day when your project is slowing down and you want a break.


    • Thanks Pam for the advice. It is a difficult process. I am pretty sure we will have an estate sale in the fall. Yes. let’s get together sometime soon. On fb you can private message me with your address and phone number, I will send you mine. Take care, Linda


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