City sights and gelato in the walled city of Lucca, Italy

Lucca is a very old city that lies within its Renaissance walls. lucca city sign small Since we are living here for a month, I thought I would write and share photographs of what the city looks like.  The streets in Lucca are mostly covered with old stones, though there are some large grassy parks and the wall is one large park. Lucca walls small People tend to live in old buildings that have been converted into apartments.   So there are lots of flowers in pots outside of windows and some vegetables in pots, especially now in the beginning of summer. Lucca pink roses small small  They also hang ribbons on their doors when there is a new baby.  SomeoneLucca Mary statue small Lucca St just welcomed a little girl today.lucca  baby girl small  There are many street shrines to the Madonna and saints.  In front of their many churches there is often a large stone square.  They seem to be used for lots of different events.  One day it is empty; the next day there is a children’s basketball tournament going on.luca san francesco square smallluca san francesco square basketball small  But the best part of the city are the gelato bars and here is my favorite one, Grom !  It has the best dark chocolate gelato with whip cream on top.grom gelato smallgrom staff small  And they have the nicest staff of young people to help you out on a really hot day!   Thank you!


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