Left Florence today; arrived by bus in Lucca, Italy

We were sad to leave Florence this morning by bus but were looking forward to Lucca.  We met some nice people on the bus who were also going to Lucca.  They were from Australia and we talked all the way there.

Lucca is a small walled town nearer the west coast of Italy.  We rented a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath apartment that is inside the walls but at the edge of the town. The cost is $1400 for the month.  We are hoping for a quieter time here.  There are no important places to visit so we will be taking day trips out of the city to go to places like Pisa, and the lake district.  The idea is to see what it is like to just live here in Italy.

Our apartment is nice but there is a slight smell of cigarette smoke in the rooms.  I am hoping that I either get used to it or it goes away.  The only other problem is the almost vertical set of 32 stairs that go straight up 3 floors (no lift).  I am used to stairs (there were 60 in Florence, but they were not so steep, and there was a lift for when we had supplies, etc.) but these are so steep that I have to hold on tight to the little railing. lucca apartment small stairs We were spoiled in Florence since the apartment there was centrally located next to the market and the supermarket.

Well here are some photos of the apartment.lucca apartment small bathroom 1 lucca apartment small bedroom 2 lucca apartment small bedroom lucca apartment small kitchen

One thing that we have figured out since starting this adventure in January is that we can live simply in a much smaller space than at home.  We have also figured out that we can live for about the same cost (or maybe even a little less) in a major European city like Florence.  We still love each other and do not find the constant companionship difficult.  This adventure has been easier than we expected.  It is kind of hard only since we have a large house and maintenance costs at home that still demand our attention over a 9 hours time difference.


4 thoughts on “Left Florence today; arrived by bus in Lucca, Italy

  1. Hello. How wonderful to live in another beautiful Italian city. How did you decide to stay in this city?. How long will you be here? If you can . . . Please post ” A Day In The Life of a Lucca-ian “. That would be really interesting.


    • We decided on Lucca because I read about in a crime novel…oh my. And we wanted a small town to live in after the big city of Florence. This is a small town and life is much slower. The weather has been really hot 98, the last 2 days so we are spending some time in the A/C apartment and going out in the morning and the evening. I will try to write about a day here in Lucca in a post. Hope you and your family are doing well. Miss all my family and friends.


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